ICD-10 Planning & Implementation Services

ICD-10 Implementation

If you are behind the curve on ICD-10, we can provide the dependable, responsive and affordable assistance you need – today.

The clock is running. ICD-10 will become mandatory on October 1, 2015, and it will change everything – not only for coders, but for every part of your organization that creates, analyzes or uses protected health information (and that's almost everybody!). Our comprehensive ICD-10 assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring services take you from wherever you are today on your ICD-10 journey to "up and running" by the Go Live date. Now's the time to get started -- with a readiness assessment. Contact us today!

OUR PLANNING AND IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS is unlike those of organizations that offer only health information management assistance. We provide both ICD-10 technical and organizational change management expertise. Each engagement is co-led by an ICD-10 certified coder trainer and a management consultant with years of helping hospitals, payers, and support services providers to implement organization-wide change.

The process consists of four free-standing modules:

ICD-10 Planning
  1. Readiness assessment: We do a multiphasic evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses – not just in your coding operation but throughout the organization. A few examples:
  2. ICD-10 Organizational Readiness Summary
    ICD-10 Readiness
    • People: Are the staff on board? Are the right people in the right jobs?
    • Infrastructure: Are the processes, policies and procedures impacted by ICD-10 robust and efficient? Are you ready for a 30% to 50% drop in productivity for at least six months after ICD-10 is implanted?
    • Culture: Is the organizational culture entrepreneurial and change-embracing? If not, what "carrots and sticks" can be put in place for ICD-10 adoption?
    • Finance: Is there a sequestered ICD=10 implementation budget? Is it adequate?
    • Partners: Are the physicians bought in? Does their relationship with you include incentives for ICDE-10 adoption? Are there ways to strengthen the partnership? What about your IT partners? Have you dovetailed your plans with them?
  3. Plan development. Our collaborative planning process involves you at every step and ensures that the plan is practical given your culture and environment. It custom fits the industry-standard American Healthcare Information Management (AHIMA) implementation checklist to your organization's state of readiness based on our assessment.
  4. ICD-10 Training
  5. Implementation. We provide
    • ICD-10 Project Management Support
    • Committee meeting facilitation
    • Physician-Friendly℠ Outreach and Training Progress Tracking
    • Change management
    • Staff Training (AHIMA-certified trainers)
      • Awareness
      • Documentation
      • Anatomy and physiology refersher
      • Coding
    ICD-10 Training

    Training is key. Everyone involved in chart preparation, coding and billing needs to be aware of the differences between ICD-10 and ICD-9 and how much knowledge of anatomy and physiology is needed to code accurately for ICD-10.  Here's a simple example in ICD-10-CM:

    Note that the ICD-9-CM code is able to report only that there was a closed fracture at the end of the radius. ICD-10 can report which radius, where on the radius, and that this was an initial visit.

    Physician-Friendly Outreach and Training. Community physicians have heard a lot about ICD-10 that has them scratching their heads.

    • “Aren’t there are 140,000 codes we’re supposed to learn?”
    • I heard they were going to postpone it again.”
    • “Isn’t this something that my EMR vendor is taking care of?”
    • “Why do I have to know about this? Coding is something my staff does.”

    As hospitals know, complete and accurate physician documentation is key to successful ICD-10 implementation – both for the physicians themselves and for hospitals. As part of our ICD-10 implementation services, we help hospitals to reach out to and train independent physicians and their staffs. We work with you to develop an “Engagement Plan” for each key practice that is tailored ONLY to what physicians and their staffs need to know based on their specialties, and that interfaces information flow between their offices and IT systems and yours. As a result, everybody wins! ICD-10 implementation is simpler, easier and faster for community physicians and hospital alike.

    ICD-10 Coding

    Sample Dashboard

  6. Monitor. We follow up with:
    • Dashboard creation and maintenance, capturing your strategic and operational key performance indicators.
    • Performance data analysis to pinpoint problems and suggest solutions
    • Recommendations for operational improvement, based on periodic on-site visits as necessary
    • QI team facilitation if an organized, team-driven approach is required for a particular problem